Consulting and Training

We are passionate about drones, the related technologies and the useful purposes they serve.

We are eager to work with others who are as well.

We can help you create your own drone operations and give you and your team the knowledge and confidence to own, operate, and maintain these aircraft.  You will not only learn how to be a good pilot.  We will also teach you the various techniques needed to extract the most from your drone.

We will recommend and train you on flight apps and hardware that will help you meet your objectives and make your drone operations more profitable.

We have years of experience utilizing these technologies and are committed to expanding our knowledge base.   We are constantly experimenting with new technologies, apps, software and techniques.  Our goal is find the best mix which will provide a solid ROI for our operations as well as yours.

Whether you are law enforcement agency, aggregate materials company, developer, engineering firm, power utility or land surveyor we have the knowledge, the skill set and experience to help you create your own drone operations today.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.




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Located in New York’s Capital Region.  

Serving NY, MA, PA, VT, NH, CT