Emergency Management


Search and rescue operations

  • Flying 640 x 512 FLIR thermal infrared camera
  • Flying 30X optical zoom camera
  • Using precision semi autonomous flight missions- efficient, no missed areas
  • Search and Rescue Simulation Video

Natural and man-made disaster response 

  • Scene documentation, damage assessment, search and rescue
  • Before and after mapping and surveys of known problem areas before impending storm or disaster
  • Provide 3D models of documented areas
  • Example: Ice Floe and Jam Emergency Response

Fire and Haz Mat scene investigations 

  • FLIR thermal infrared camera
  • Scene documentation & modeling

Payload deployment

  • Air quality, radiological – Safely monitor unknown environments
  • Life line, medications, water, communications
  • Lighting systems

Rail train emergencies 

  • Scene documentation and modeling
  • Structural inspections
  • Rock face inspection, mapping and modeling
  • Track monitoring – operaing from a moving vehicle

Accident and crime scene investigation and documentation

Event monitoring

Training videos


Many of the services above incorporate use of photogrammetry, (3D mapping) which is another service we provide.     These projects can be quite large and is not uncommon to have five hundred or more 20 MP pictures.   We process our projects on our workstation which is specifically designed for the types of software we use.  This provides a quick turn around and gives us complete control which yields much better results.   Most importantly it protects your data, there is no processing done in the cloud.


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