Flight Operations

We fully understand the potential dangers when operating a drone in the national airspace.  We do not compromise the rules.  We operate safely, with good judgement, and respect for others privacy.

We are fully insured and our pilots are FAA part 107 certified remote airmen experienced on the aircraft and systems they operate.   Pilots carry VHF radios to monitor air traffic in the airspace they work in.  This provides added situational awareness and a higher level of safety for all.  When needed we operate as a crew with a visual observer(s) and camera operator.

As the customer you should know that all jobs cannot not be performed or may require prior authorization given the airspace.   A good rule of thumb is;  If your project lies within 5 miles of an airport with a control tower then we are required to obtain authorization from the FAA before operating.   This is not as simple as phoning the control tower and asking for permission.   We submit a formal request through the FAA portal website.   This process can take up to 90 days.

Here is a link to the FAA Part 107 Rules  that all drone pilots both hobbyist and professional must follow.




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