Typical Drone Mapping, GIS & Photogrammetry Applications

  • Volume, area and distance calculations
  • Erosion monitoring
  • Surveying / Mapping
  • Law Enforcement – Incident documentation
  • Landfill assessment and monitoring
  • Archaeological recording
  • Historical preservation
  • Watershed management
  • Photo mosaics
  • Site plans
  • Virtual structure modeling
  • Real estate management
  • Road planning
  • Forestland management

How We Do It

Utilizing the most up-to-date photogrammetry software available, We create for our clients highly accurate 3-dimensional digital models.

Geo-referenced imagery obtained via pre-programmed UAV flight paths provides the basis for these models.  All imagery data is processed in house, on our equipment using Pix4d Mapper Pro software.  Local processing is extremely important to our clients who need control over their data.

Clients choose from numerous output formats tailored to suit their particular needs. Whether the focus be CAD/GIS, mapping/surveying, or strictly for visualization purposes we provide high resolution results at cost effective prices.

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