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We are passionate about sUAS technologies and how they can be applied to best serve our clients needs.   Our focus is on industrial commercial and public safety applications with drones.  Our team has a broad mix of talent and specialties from law enforcement, GIS and mapping, environmental engineering, technology, emergency management, government, and private industry.  

We look forward to sharing with you our knowledge and expertise. 

Below are some of the services we can provide with examples of what we are capable of producing.

Testimonial of In Sky Aerial Services

I am pleased to write on behalf of Mr. Ed Capovani and In Sky Aerial Services.    We selected Ed as an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) consultant to optimize our efforts and lead us in developing a UAS program for the Albany County Sheriff’s Office. Right from the start Ed was very responsive to our goals and objectives and after just a short period of time I knew I could completely trust him to guide us in the right direction.

Ed’s knowledge and competency moved our program much more quickly than we anticipated, we would not be where we are today without his guidance. Ed’s expert advice made a significant impact regarding needs assessment, equipment selection and purchasing, establishing an effective training program and concept of operations all of this has proven to be  invaluable to our agency.  Ed is a great asset to us and has saved countless time, research and money.

One thing that has stood out working with Ed is his ethics regarding FAA rules and regulations and doing everything the right way in a proper manner which is very important to us a law enforcement agency.

As the Chief UAS pilot and Critical Incident Emergency Management Unit Commander for the Albany County Sheriff’s Office I highly recommend Mr. Ed Capovani and In Sky Aerial Services. I am certain to say we will continue to use his service and extraordinarily helpful guidance. As a FAA certified UAS pilot Ed has experience, skills and knowledge that cannot be found anyplace else in our area.

Inspector Leon Bormann

Emergency Management Unit Coordinator, Albany County Sheriff's Office

I take great pleasure in writing to you at In Sky Aerial for your generous offering of your time and expertise to showcase the amazing advances in Drone Technology to the 250 Cadets at this years Wing Encampment for the NY Wing of the Civil Air Patrol.

The cadets all know that drone technology is the way of the future for many things the Civil Air Patrol gets called upon for.  The amazing accuracy and precision of the drones along with their associated camera equipment not only opened their eyes to many new applications but to the existing possibilities.  Showing them that with use of the amazing Infrared Camera you could locate a lost individual then with another drone bring them water and or medical supplies and let them know help is on the way.

It is very clear by you’re a top shelf organization.  The crews running the drones were clearly serious professionals.  As a USAF Pilot with over 6000 hours flight experience I was impressed with their knowledge of not just their craft but of all the requirements to safely and knowledgeably operate in restricted air spaces as well as in the open.

In Sky Aerial is a well run and well prepared operation.  You can count on our approaching you for more than just a demonstration.

Thank you for assisting us as your outstanding contribution greatly enhanced our 10 day encampment allowing hundreds of cadets to see their future is now.

LtCol David A. Panzera

Pilot, New York Air National Guard, Civil Air Patrol

Located in New York’s Capital Region.  

Serving NY, MA, PA, VT, NH, CT.